Posted by: gcrhoads64 | February 7, 2013

A Progressive's thoughts

I just had an image of a toddler laying on the floor engaged in a full blown temper tantrum where the only thing for the parent to do is wait until the temper tantrum has been exorcised. That is what I think that this country is being forced to do with this current version of the republican party. We are in the midst of a political party tantrum and as any parent who has gone through a temper tantrum in public, it is not pretty and it feels as if it takes an eternity for it to subside. Unfortunately for us, our “toddler” has lobbyists backing them such as the Koch brothers and many other sources of revenue, so the tantrum antics are being fed by monetary reinforcement. The only recourse we have as a nation is to hope that people will wake up and stop voting these politicians into…

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Posted by: gcrhoads64 | February 7, 2013

The Tribune of the People

It’s official: Fox is the most distrusted name in news.

But an awful lot of people trust it, too.

In an annual Public Policy Polling survey, 46 percent of those questioned say they don’t trust Rupert Murdoch’s network—a 9-point jump in a negative view of the network since 2010.

At the same time, 41 percent of those in the new poll say they trust Fox News—a telling snapshot of a news channel that conservatives love and liberals love to hate.

Behind the numbers is a deep partisan divide: As PPP puts it, Democrats trust most television news other than Fox, and Republicans don’t trust anything but Fox.

via Distrust of Fox News Growing – The Daily Beast.

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